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The State of Theatrical

Could films be coming back exclusively to theaters? The Motion Picture Association’s Theatrical & Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) report for 2021 shows the market rebounding to 2019 or higher numbers, albeit the composition was skewed in favor of digital as opposed to pre-pandemic audience makeup. Read a copy of

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Strike Avoided, New Agreement

The International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) avoided a labor strike entering into a three year deal for two labor agreements with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) in October. The vote on these agreements by union members narrowly passed, showing a divide between members

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Battle Over Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino made headlines recently when he sold 1.1mm dollars in NFTs from iconic film, Pulp Fiction, despite efforts by Miramax to stop him in court. Miramax alleges the film auteur made a “money grab,” for the sales while the director asserts that he is working within his “reserved rights,”

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Animation Workers Antitrust Litigation

The Case of Wage Fixing in the Animation Industry and its Implications Introduction by the Needy Animator Personally, this topic has been of big interest to me as an artist, especially with how the outcome of this case could really determine the standards of the animation industry and how artists

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Got Consent? Legal Issues in Film, Pt. 5: The Music

This article speaks about motion pictures in metaphor: making a motion picture is akin to constructing a house. The story lays the foundation, the script forms the blueprint, the players are builders, and the production is the build site. Music is paint, weaving tapestries of sound into the screen, framing

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Got Consent? Legal Issues in Film, Pt. 4: The Production

The production is the center of action. It is the logical next step because it cannot exist without players, who come to life with a script, which is built upon a story. Before principal photography begins, a production needs permission to film on location, real people, places, or things, and

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Got Consent? Legal Issues in Film, Pt. 3: The Players

If the story lays the foundation, and the script forms a blueprint, then the players build the motion picture. Players are writers, directors, actors, producers, casting directors, composers, and crew. Employment agreements between the production company and creators define the nature of the relationships. They contain key provisions, the most

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Got Consent? Legal Issues in Film, Pt. 2: The Script

If the story is the foundation of a film, then the script is the blueprint because it guides content. Any content not cleared runs a risk of violating rights, which can prevent the film’s distribution. To acquire errors and omissions coverage, scripts must be cleared. A producer begins clearance not

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Got Consent? Legal Issues in Film, Pt. 1: The Story

I was standing in the Filmmaker’s Lounge at the Highland Inn Ballroom when the message crept into view. “Got Consent?” I guffawed, thinking, what a perfect question to ask at a film festival. Stopping the woman wearing the tee shirt, I stated, “You are wearing a fitting message for a

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