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In addition to our small business practice for talent, Morin Legal aids producers and production companies in content creation and taps into affiliated contacts at premier talent agencies, consulting and production companies to develop, package, and pitch shows for streaming, broadcast, or theatrical release. We also perform due diligence, contract review & representation, negotiation and document drafting to hammer out the best deals for our clients.


We represent talent: writers, directors, actors, producers, and artists, animators, podcasters, journalists, media personalities, and influencers. We also represent their companies, including studios, publishing houses, or production companies. Finally, we represent financiers, or private persons, who are approached about supporting a project to completion. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us to find out how we can change things for you.

Our talent and business-focused practice offers creative clients and their companies with access to our professional network and vendors, industry insights, and business advisement services. We address all aspects of your business, from structuring, to identification of resources, potential liabilities, ways to identify and address risk, and intellectual property advisement, protection, and in some cases, rights assertions. With our help, you may create a long-lasting change, a well-preserved legacy to provide for your long term goals. Fees are billed hourly.

We do production (and distribution) legal.  Fees are billed as a percentage of budget (or net proceeds) and on a sliding scale. Otherwise, fees are billed hourly for qualification counseling on tax incentive programs or for ongoing support for projects in development. 

Our financier-facing practice represents accredited or un-accredited investors who are approached by parties seeking to secure financing on creative projects. We have represented fund managers, healthcare professionals, and others not knowledgeable nor experienced in the film or entertainment industry. We provide these prospective financiers with the opportunity to make an informed decision (along with other advisors, such as accountants) whether to invest in projects, including all possible capital structure variation outcomes. Fees are billed hourly.

Attorney Morin served as a District Advocate for The Recording Academy®, Atlanta chapter, where she advocated for music creators’ rights before the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis. She served as a Board Member for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals and was a of Georgia Music Partners member advocating for the music tax credit in Georgia. Attorney Morin provides small business services to music creators and supporters seeking to establish structure to protect their assets to create a legacy for success. Fees are billed hourly.

Attorney Morin became a member of the Georgia Game Developers Association in 2013 and over the years has spoken to its members about intellectual property, finance and small business affairs. From 2013-2017, Attorney Morin was an annual speaker at the Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo (SIEGE). In 2017, she published guidelines to the interactive entertainment tax creditsAttorney Morin represents independent studios in Georgia with their business and intellectual property matters. She is accepting new clients. Fees are billed hourly.

The Arts

You can have the Arts without Entertainment, but you cannot have Entertainment without the Arts. We provide our business clients with robust legal support and consultation on matters relating to traditional, dramatic stage productions, freelance artists, and writers.

Morin Legal represents writers, from novelists to screenwriters. We have a niche with certain writers for television, new media and film, who are seeking development, pitching and representation at studios, networks, or production companies. In this capacity, we offer percent-based fees (less expenses) if talent is represented by a trusted vendor in our professional network. We also have solutions for unrepresented talent. In some cases, Attorney Morin helps writers prepare for options or purchases. Attorney Morin has experience in traditional publishing, new media and comics. She has worked with established authors and counsels new writers in how to reduce their risk and protect their work.

Morin Legal represents artists, photographers, graphic designers, and animators. Attorney Morin became a member of the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA-South) in 2016, with whom she produced an educational summer series seminar for freelancers on how to make a living while protecting their work, and, a pandemic webinar series for business owners on how to navigate legislation. Attorney Morin published a blog for Needy Animator from 2015 – 2016 which you may find in the Resources. 

Morin Legal provides business legal services to theatrical stage productions, playwrights, composers, and actors. Whether you are in need of basic contracts or are otherwise seeking business counseling and asset advisement, we can help you. If you are seeking to license a play, we can guide you. Attorney Morin is familiar with the Dramatists Guild of America standards and herself has served as a speaker for Courtroom Drama, a CLE organized by Working Title Playwrights, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, and Actor’s Express.