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Getting Started

We offer complimentary Discovery Calls that last 15 minutes by phone, where you and Attorney Morin will get to know each other better and determine issues for consultation. To schedule, simply call our receptionist at (404) 800-5568.

Booking a consultation enables us to discuss matters specifically with you and gives us further an opportunity to briefly review any printed or digital matters relevant to your case. Consultations provide a meaningful way for us to connect and discuss your matters. Sometimes we are able to identify that the job involves additional work, in which case we may make you an offer of representation and request a retainer from you. Or, you may find the consult is enough. Please visit our Booking page for more information and to schedule a consultation.

If you must reschedule your appointment, then we must receive your request before 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If your rescheduling request is not received before 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, then we reserve the right to retain monies paid as payment for a same-day cancellation for holding the time and date for you. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you must notify us via email at

There are no refunds.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, we ask for the courtesy of a 72-hour advance notice in order to free up the time for other clients. If we must cancel your appointment due to a conflict regarding the services or representation that you seek, then we will refund the amount paid less $25 for holding the appointment time and date.

A conflicts check is necessary to insure that we can offer you objective representation. Objective representation may be inhibited for example if we already represent a party to the transaction you may be contemplating. This is why it is important that you first clear conflicts before dispensing confidential information during a consultation. During the intake process, we ask you to disclose all potentially conflicting parties to your matters and perform the conflict check prior to meeting with you. Or, we collect information during our 15-minute phone call.

We do not provide bespoke (i.e., custom) quotes, rather our retainer varies for each client, unless fees are percent-based (e.g. production or distribution legal) in which case the amount depends on facts which we collect at the time of consulting with you.

Our office works on retainer billing at an hourly rate for most of our clients. In a couple instances (i.e. production legal or certain transactions) we work on a percent basis. Our standard consultation is flat-fee based. Hybrid fees combine hourly and flat fees.

No. You have consulted with a lawyer, but you have not yet retained counsel. Only when we have made you an offer, and you have signed the offer and paid the retainer, have you retained us as your counselor and lawyer.

Working With Us

Our Firm does not litigate/ go to court for clients. We have many references in the event that your matters do require litigation.
We work with trusted affiliates who do, and we are responsible for reviewing clients and their materials prior to referring them over. Our work in this area is focused primarily on writers, but we have worked with directors and producers pitching content.
No we do not. Our firm focuses mainly on the business and intellectual property portfolios of such artists, such as copyright, trademark, and business or tax matters for talented individuals who wish to incorporate and structure their assets for success.

We are not registered brokers. We do provide counsel (so long as we are not conflicted) to parties seeking advice on the terms of a prospective investment property (such as a motion picture production).

Generally, no. We are however able to counsel parents of minors in entertainment who hope to make the appropriate business and banking changes to support their children as they grow into their careers in the field of entertainment.
Attorney Morin has performed many years of board service and volunteered professionally for many years. More information about her past work is displayed on her curriculum vitae, which you may read on our “About” page.
It depends. While in the past we have helped arts organizations and civil organizations navigate the road to achieving tax exempt status, we now work more with established organizations that are seeking to scale their offerings.

General Questions

Our office hours are M-F, from 8:30a.m. until 5:30p.m. (EST); 9:30a.m. until 6:30p.m. (EDT).
We are located in the row of shops connected to the building called “West Inman Lofts,” on the eastside BeltLine trail in Old Fourth Ward/ Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

We are available by appointment only. Our office is open and maintains a COVID-19 policy, which you may read more about here.

Our office uses a Coway air purification system, requests a standard information-disclosure form from visitors at entry, provides access to hand washing, and encourages masking pursuant to our Covid-19 policy. Our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted.

We do. We have street parking, and we also have garage parking in the “Guest Area” access for the building we share, at West Inman Lofts (entrance is on Ezzard; our entrance is on Airline).
We do not. There are many deserving organizations in Atlanta that we like to refer students to, including some where we have volunteered at, such as Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, for those law students seeking experience in the arts.
We get this question a lot from students in law school. We recommend corporations, copyright, trademark, administrative law, constitutional law II (individual liberties), secured transactions, ADR, art law, entertainment law, international law, licensing, media law, and legislation.

Still have questions?

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Lee Morin, Esq.

Morin Legal

Location: 626 DeKalb Avenue N.E., STE 1105, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Main: (404) 800-5568

Direct: (404) 800-5568 x. 101




What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Lee exceeds every expectation.

"She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help you. She's extremely informed and her consultation answers questions you didn't realize you needed to ask."

-Screenwriter and producer.

So lucky to have Lee Morin!

"I've never had a lawyer before, but I made a movie and needed one. Lee handled several complicated issues quickly, thoroughly, and with great skill. She really knows her stuff and I trust her implicitly. I'm so excited - and confident - to build my career with Lee having my back. I hope to make her lots and lots of money!"

-Writer, actor and filmmaker.

I absolutely plan to continue working with Lee in the future!!

"I was sooooo lucky to find Lee Morin. This was my first time seeking out a lawyer for anything, much less a tv show contract. She was extremely accessible and thorough. She took great care to make sure that I was comfortable before agreeing to any terms. She also did her research to ensure that what was being offered was beyond fair. I absolutely plan to continue working with Lee in the future!!"

-Television reality show talent.

I give Ms. Morin my highest recommendation.

"I’m a composer/lyricist who recently was offered a publishing deal for a musical I had written. Though this is the second time in my career this had happened, it was the first time where I didn’t have collaborators on the writing of the project and I needed to negotiate for and protect my own interests in the agreement. I didn’t know where to start, and I’m so very thankful that Lee Morin was available to take my case. In the initial consultation Ms. Morin laid out ideas for detailed specific language that would make this contract better for me on every level. She explained every shift in contractual language very clearly and it was very obvious that she cared about protecting my interests and revealing exactly how to make this happen. I then retained her services further to red-line the contract. She did such a good job of it that my publisher now wishes to retain her services for their work as well."

-Music composer for theatrical stage productions.

I cannot say enough about how wise of an investment it has been to hire Lee Morin.

"Aside from a very positive attitude and extraordinary professionalism, I feel that my career, short and long term goals have been not only enhanced, but absolutely electrified. Lee has not only a vast wealth of knowledge about both the law and the industry, but a treasure trove of contacts, which she greatly enjoys matching up when there is a mutual benefit to be gained. Lee’s communication and follow up was always consistent, clear and concise, and when my needs changed, she was able to adapt seamlessly, and keep things consistently moving forward. Without question, working with Lee was one of the best business decisions I have made to date. I would wholeheartedly recommend her, for a variety of reasons."

-Motion picture writer, director, & producer.

Professional and fierce.

"I have had several “difficult” clients come to me for work to be developed and produced. Lee is amazing and have kept my husband/producing partner from running ahead of our contracts. She is succinct, clear, and knows how to keep her clients in the driver’s seat. She works well with you with solid communication and has financial plans to keep you engaged in your legal process without killing you. I recommend her whenever I can. Love her and you will too!"

-Motion picture & television writer, director, & producer.

Lee blends her technical legal expertise with savvy business advice.

"She is a great asset. She is smart, congenial and experienced. She created two custom writers agreements for me. Hiring a good lawyer is expensive, but it is a great value when it protects your intellectual property and keeps you out of court!"

-Development company executive.

Working with Lee was a great experience.

"This was my first production, a non-USA production that needed to comply with USA requirements. During the consultation, Lee explained the different type of documents and submissions I needed to deliver. After our consultation, she sent a detailed Term Sheet including all the steps, deliverables, and costs for the services. During the process, Lee was able to accommodate to our deadlines, something that was very important since we needed some of her input in order to proceed with the post-production. Another thing to highlight is that Lee always gave us her input and opinion in other matters different to the original terms agreed, which was very important for us to have a legal point. For some of the deliverables, 3rd party services were needed. Lee had a list of providers and was able to get great prices. Overall, it was a great experience and will definitely reach out for new projects."

-International acquisitions & sales executive.

It is wonderful to have knowledge on your side!

"It was wonderful and comforting to watch Lee work through the intimate details of an industry contract with such prowess and expertise. My first thought was that I read the same contract and had no idea of all the things that needed to be amended in highlighted. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you have a professional on your side that knows the deepest understanding of her craft and has your best interest in mind."

-Comics illustrator and visual artist.

Lee is one of the hardest working, friendliest and most accommodating people I’ve ever worked with.

"She truly cares about her clients and their well-being. I’ve met and worked with Lee on multiple occasions. Lee attended some of my performances, which not only meant a lot to me, but told me that she was the exact kind of person I wanted to work with. I quickly found myself meeting with many top music and music business related professionals in Atlanta. Lee didn’t just connect us via email; she came with me to the meetings, adding much to the conversation, helping myself and whoever it was that I was meeting with to quickly find some of the things we both had in common. When an emergency situation arose, Lee didn’t schedule an appointment way in the future; instead, she called me that day and, even though it was a busy day for her, she made the time for me and helped me through it. I can’t say enough positive things about Lee! If you’re looking for a lawyer who gives great advice, does fantastic work, and is someone with whom you’d enjoy spending time, Lee is definitely for you!"

-Songwriter, musician, and performer.

Lee is a friendly and focused person who is passionate about the arts herself.

"Lee is great! We had some trouble with document uploads that may have cost us some time in the beginning but she kept me on track and got the work done quickly. She also responded with urgency and worked with me to prevent further conflicts. I wanted to work with someone experienced in working with artists and I got just that. I am very grateful to her for her services and I would highly recommend her to other artists."

-Visual artist.

Lee was not only prompt, professional, and thorough, but I appreciated both her kindness and artistic sensibilities as well.

"During my first foray as an author working with a major publisher, Lee Morin helped me to review both my agency and publishing contracts. Lee was not only prompt, professional and thorough, but I appreciated both her kindness and artistic sensibilities as well. I would highly recommend Lee to other authors seeking legal guidance."

-Published author at large publishing house.

She was timely, discreet, professional, and demonstrated an extraordinary comprehension of all aspects of contract law.

"Having produced feature films and worked with some of the world’s preeminent music acts, I must sadly state that the entertainment business is dominated by peopl