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Our French-American Heritage

July 14th is La Fête Nationale for France, also known more colloquially in English as Bastille Day. It is the national day of celebration (literally translated from French) because it is the day that is recorded in French history as the day when the people of France rose up in

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Three Questions for Entertainment Lawyers

The entertainment industry is one that involves contracts, intellectual property, copyright infringement, etc. Much of this can be overwhelming for creatives in the industry and they will likely need the guidance of an entertainment lawyer.  Understanding the role an entertainment lawyer plays and seeking out a lawyer who is a

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Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories – Downtown Edition

Learn about our founder & principal – Lee Morin, Esq. of MORIN Entertainment Law. Thanks to VoyageATL for publishing the story in Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories – Downtown Edition. We hope her story uplifts, encourages & supports you each in your journey. Meet Lee Morin of MORIN Entertainment Law in

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Barnum & Bailey called; they want their trademark back – The Recording Academy® stole, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The 56th Grammys was a production of momentous proportions – combining three stages – two main stages and one circular stage near the front of house. Because I moonlight as a

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