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Workers of the World: Unite!

Documentary workers organize, classic movies get a second wind, and restored documentaries on labor unions remind us of what workers fought for and what still needs defending, inspiring future generations of working class to assert their rights. The National Labor Relations Act is a federal statue of U.S. labor law

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Elon’s Twitter

In a dance that is spanning the year so far, Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired enough shares of Twitter between January and March to enter a bid for takeover of Twitter in a self-proclaimed effort to secure the platform for free speech and transparency purposes. The action caused perceived harm to

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War In Ukraine

Nearing the 10-week mark, the war in the eastern European country of Ukraine has spurned many in the entertainment industry to take action in matters they can control involving the invading nation, Russia. Netflix and other studio players since March have excluded Russian projects and releases from their film and

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COVID-19 Small Business Resources (Updating)

“If there is something to be done—do it, without any need to worry; if there’s nothing to be done, worrying about it further will not help.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet This page is provided by MORIN Entertainment Law, as a public service to our clients,

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Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories – Downtown Edition

Learn about our founder & principal – Lee Morin, Esq. of MORIN Entertainment Law. Thanks to VoyageATL for publishing the story in Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories – Downtown Edition. We hope her story uplifts, encourages & supports you each in your journey. Meet Lee Morin of MORIN Entertainment Law in

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Barnum & Bailey called; they want their trademark back – The Recording Academy® stole, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The 56th Grammys was a production of momentous proportions – combining three stages – two main stages and one circular stage near the front of house. Because I moonlight as a

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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog. Last weekend, I celebrated my birthday with many creative and kind people. Thanks to Billy Hume and Crystal Whedbee for being gracious hosts.  Thanks to Jorge Morales for cooking a feast!  Thanks to Nicholas Eubanks for filming everyone sing happy birthday to me around a campfire under

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