Launched: Copyright Claims Board

On June 16, 2022, the U.S. Copyright Office launched the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) online. Now, claimants may file small claims alleging copyright infringement of registered (or pending*) works and request monetary compensation. We have been following the CCB since it was written into legislation and earlier, when Register Maria Pallante envisioned it in her papers on copyright office modernization. To read more about the CCB, including its unique practices and procedures (which vary from federal court), visit their official website – read their FAQ, Handbook, Procedures or Start a Claim. Our office welcomes a more affordable method for our clients to request relief from infringement of their copyrights.

Copyright infringement can feel personal when it violates one’s own, creative efforts. U.S. law provides ways under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for copyright holders to control the use of their works online (subject to routine exclusions). While a non-lawyer is welcome to file their own applications for copyright registration in the U.S., we recommend having a copyright lawyer look over your application before filing. If you have more than 1 creative work, but several works, in one or more “subject matter,” we strongly suggest a consultation with our copyright lawyer & expert, Lee Morin, to discuss how best to protect your creative assets and devise a strategy for long-term, monetary security and success.

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