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Author: Lee Morin

The Librarian: Low-key American Superhero

There is a movie franchise starring Noah Wyle called The Librarian that romanticizes the role that these information technicians play in day to day lives. In truth, librarians have been called upon in recent years to serve as activists, defending our freedom of expression, and freedom to read for all.

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Top Gun: Maverick Meets Its Match

As one of my law school professors used to say, “Where there’s a hit, there’s a writ.” A writ is a form of legal petition. Most people have heard of a writ of certiorari or habeas corpus. But in this case, we have the box office hit, credited with the

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Unionize: Starbucks & Animation Guild (TAG)

In the United States, employees have the statutory right to form labor unions under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and which right is administered and facilitated by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRA guarantees the right of most private sector employees to organize into unions, engage in

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Crisis Mgmt.: Netflix & Etsy

In the realms of corporate cultures, Netflix always stood out in the past for being unique. Accountability, transparency, both were at the top of the list. Now, Netflix has drawn a clear line between its own freedom as a private company to create content without restraints on speech, and the

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FAST: a bird, a fox, & a mouse walk into a bar…

In the past 18 months, Peacock has launched 70 original series, grown its catalog by more than 500%, and is on track for 5 billion hours of streaming in 2022, which would double levels in 2021. Experts attribute success in part to 3-tier options: FAST, AVOD and SVOD. FAST is

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Warner Bros. Discovery’s CNN+ Smackdown

While we speculate about whether Disney+ will combine its platform with Hulu, we do not need to perform such elaborate fantasies with Warner Bros. Discovery, who will merge HBOMax and Discovery platforms into one, exclusive platform. While the company transitions, it will offer bundling while testing the best way forward

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Drama at Disney Over Hulu

Netflix is not the only service introducing an ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) subscriber package by the end of 2022. Disney+ said earlier in March that it will introduce the AVOD option in late 2022 to North American markets only, with plans to expand internationally by 2023. Some experts have speculated that

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Streaming: “Next” Phase & the Curious Case of Netflix

Ratings company Nielsen released a report called State of Play that uses data from the company’s  insights, Gracenote service, and a user survey to offer the public information. The finding? That 46% of North American audiences are overwhelmed by content. The process known as “stacking,” which we wrote about before,

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Three Questions for Entertainment Lawyers

The entertainment industry is one that involves contracts, intellectual property, copyright infringement, etc. Much of this can be overwhelming for creatives in the industry and they will likely need the guidance of an entertainment lawyer.  Understanding the role an entertainment lawyer plays and seeking out a lawyer who is a

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Disruptive Deals: Amazon, MGM, Nielsen

On March 17, Amazon Studios and Prime Video welcomed MGM into their fold for $8.5 billion dollars. We previously reported on Jeff Bezos’s’ statement, that Amazon will “reimagine and develop” content from the 98-year old library. Amazon is making no commitments to theatrical windows, and is keeping options open with

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